Experienced Employees


Seismic Equipment Projects


Solar MW Installed

Solar Personnel

Greyco has completed over 1GW of solar projects specializing in the mechanical installation of racks and modules all over the United States. All personnel are pre-screened, trained, W-2 employees and all crews have experienced leadership. Greyco deploys personnel with appropriate PPE and reliable transportation equipped with GPS tracking and speed control.

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Seismic Personnel

As a leading provider of land seismic personnel, our labor personnel services are scalable, flexible and can be tailored to your project's specific needs. Our labor professionals can fulfill any fluctuation in your employment demands.

No matter how remote your project, how long-term, or how short-term, our trained and experienced crews are ready to help you get the job done on time, within your budget, and to your utmost satisfaction.

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Disaster Recovery

Greyco has experienced labor crews and equipment ready to mobilize at a moment’s notice. Whether you are around the corner or across the country, we stand ready to assist you with your disaster relief project. Greyco personnel have been properly trained in Health, Safety and Environmental awareness.

Our crews will mobilize in company owned vehicles and have the ability to be self-sustaining to ensure that your project is a success. Whether it is a hurricane in Florida, a wild-fire in California, or a flood in Texas, there is no replacement for manpower when you need to finish the project quickly and return people’s lives to normal.

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Global Personnel Solutions

The Greyco difference is hard working, field proven, HSE trained, PPE equipped, crew based labor available for your remote locations. Greyco has multiple avenues to ensure that our customers have their personnel needs met.

If you need recruiting services, payroll services, or expansion crews, we have the knowledge and experience to help. Our services alleviate the hassle of recruiting, due diligence, hiring, training, and compliance to ensure that you have the right people when it counts.

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Greyco has experienced field proven crews


Try a Drone

With all of the uncertainty in the world, there is one clear fact: Technology continues to change how we conduct business. One of the major innovations in the workplace today is the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) commonly referred to as Drones. Greyco provides Drones and Pilots for aerial digital imaging, remote sensing, digital surveying, topography, volume metrics, quality control, data harvesting, and other services across multiple industries.

New Leadership at Greyco

This summer has been very active at Greyco. Rick Luke has joined Greyco as the CEO, Paul Mitcham has taken over as Chairman of the Board and continues to focus on expanding Greyco’s provision of personnel and equipment into the Seismic Industry, Hunter Sandridge has joined Greyco as Operations Director focusing on developing and diversifying our manpower business.