Greyco Purchases 15,000 Channels of INOVA’s Cableless Hawk System

Published on August 7, 2013

Greyco Purchases 15,000 Channels of INOVA’s Cableless Hawk System

HOUSTON, Texas (August 7, 2013)GREYCO announced today the purchase of 15,000 channels of INOVA’s cableless Hawk® autonomous node system and the signing of a co-marketing agreement that will place Hawk® on the market for immediate rental worldwide.  

The field-proven Hawk® is engineered to be the most flexible and rugged nodal system on the market. The system offers several unique features that help seismic crews conduct reliable, high-quality data acquisition more efficiently. The Hawk® flexibility allow single or 3-channel acquisition and supports both analog geophones and VectorSeis multicomponent digital sensors with the same field station electronics for better characterization in unconventional plays. The node’s rugged exterior, which is built from lightweight, high-grade aluminum, is made to maximize durability. The Hawk® shot-based data retrieval capabilities reduce data download times and allow faster turnaround time for equipment in staging and at project conclusion. Hawk® transcription time is three times faster or more, depending on total volume of production compared to other nodal systems in the market today. The system also offers advanced wireless technologies (both WiFi and Bluetooth) and QC tools that enable visibility into the spread without retrieving stations from the field. 

John Bell, senior vice president for business development and sales, said, “INOVA is pleased to have Greyco as a senior rental partner of the Hawk® system. Greyco is a leading seismic rental equipment provider and offers customers the support they need when augmenting their current seismic equipment inventory for expanded or seasonal work. Our co-marketing framework will help deploy more units quickly into the marketplace and provide a strong rental support base for our customers.    


Paul Mitcham, President of Greyco commented, “The acquisition of the INOVA Hawk® allows our company to undergo rapid expansion into the global seismic equipment rental industry with the latest in nodal technology.  As the seismic equipment marketplace continues its rapid adoption of nodal technologies we have partnered with a leader in its development. The Hawk® system allows our customers to operate more efficiently, flexibly and safely in any environment.”

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About INOVA Geophysical Equipment Limited 

INOVA Geophysical Equipment Limited is a leading provider of land geophysical technology, including source and source control systems, cabled and cableless land acquisition systems, and advanced seismic digital sensors. Managed as an independent company, INOVA is a joint venture owned 51% by BGP (a wholly owned subsidiaryof China National Petroleum Corporation) and 49% by ION Geophysical Corporation (NYSE: IO). Additional information about INOVA is available