About Greyco

Greyco, headquartered in Houston, TX, provides Cost Efficient Temporary and Long Term Remote Crew based labor and Equipment Rentals. Our team has extensive experience and can quickly assess your needs in order to provide your company with the latest equipment and experienced crews familiar with installation, operations, and safety requirements.

Our Mission: To Provide Cost-Efficient Manpower and Seismic Equipment that exceed our customer’s expectations.

How do we carry out our mission?

  1. Fast, efficient and professional response time
  2. Co-management of crews via Customer Technical Agreement
  3. Project cost control and budget adherence
  4. Crew development and determination of techniques required
  5. Experienced and qualified crews with the latest equipment and operational techniques
  6. Our crews are trained in standard HSE, First Aid /CPR, Defensive and Winter Driving, UTV Operations, Safe Land / SafeGulf and screened in compliance with the EPCC consortium. 

Contact us to find out how our commitment to Customer Service, Safety and Compliance with Regulatory and Company policies is making Greyco #1 in North America.