Greyco Seismic Equipment

Our team has extensive industry-wide experience and can quickly assess your needs in order to provide your company with the latest seismic equipment and an experienced crew familiar with installation, operations, and safety requirements.

We succeed when our customers succeed, which is why in addition to providing industry leading labor services we also offer seismic equipment rentals. Our equipment rentals provide our customers with a budget friendly option for accessing the latest and most advanced seismic acquisition products while eliminating the issue of idle equipment between jobs and freeing up capital for other uses, like exploration.

We provide leasing of a variety of recording systems, ground electronics, sensors and source equipment, among other items. From Greyco equipment you can expect industry leading customer service that anticipates your equipment needs and always strives to help you meet project deadlines.


Recording SystemsINOVA HAWKAries IAries IISercel 428Sercel 408 XL
Ground ElectronicsINOVA HAWK 1C and 3CAries I RAMSAries II RAMSSercel 428 FDUSercel 408 FDU

Source Equipment
Sercel VE 464 Encoder/DecodersPelton VibPro Encoder/DecodersPelton ShotPro II Encoder/DecodersSeismic Source Universal Encoder IISeismic Source Boom Boxes
Misc EquipmentGeophone TestersSercel 400 Series Laser LinkThumper sourcesAHV-IV Buggy VibratorInstrument Cab on TruckInstrument Trailers

MARINE & TZ EQUIPMENT LIST – Lease ( Please call for requests)

Greyco leases the best seismic OEM sensor equipment available, including equipment from INOVA, Sercel, and OYO. Our current lease pool consists of:


  • INOVA Vectorseis SVSM Digital Sensors
  • Sensor SM7 3C Analog Land
  • Sensor SM24 6×1 Analog Land 
  • Geospace GS-One High Sensitivity Land 
  • Geospace 32CT 3×2 Land 
  • Sercel SG-10 6×1 Land 
  • Sercel SG-10 6×1 Marsh