Health & Safety Team Commitment

We contribute to the success of Greyco by providing a business based approach to employee health and safety. Our Team is a creative and reliable resource providing credible guidance that is responsive to the business model of Greyco.

Greyco Personnel committed to health and safety.
Solar crew member adjusting solar panels.

The HSE Team will support this commitment by:

  • Conducting reviews and evaluations of our assets, operations and developing risk based action plans when necessary.
  • Developing and communicating consistent expectations.
  • Implementing and maintaining best practices and regulatory compliance.
  • Developing and implementing practical tools.
  • Work with management to provide support needed to improve health and safety in their areas of responsibility.
  • Manage training and development systems to continuously advance safety competencies.
  • Provide training interventions and coaching for staff and managers to enhance program effectiveness.
  • Implementing a contractor management process that partners with contractors for improved performance.
  • Efficiently integrating newly acquired assets and associated personnel.
  • Assuring that all Greyco personnel are certified and receive job specific training while performing responsibilities outlined in their job descriptions.
  • All training and certification complies with and adheres to policies and procedures consistent with OSHA guidelines.