Greyco Health, Safety, & Environmental Mission Statement 

Greyco is committed to the protection of its employees, clients, and the community by, adhering to regulatory standards and applying the industry's best practices in Health, Safety, & Environmental protection. Greyco utilizes our industry knowledge, training, collective experiences, and leadership to partner in achieving operational excellence in a safe and highly productive manner. Greyco places the highest value of our business, on our employee's Health, Safety, & the Environmental protection of the Communities in which we work and live.

Health, Safety & Environment Policy

Greyco is committed to achieving and maintaining operational excellence is all aspects of Health, Safety & Environment. We will conduct all business functions in the manner that places, first and foremost the safety and health of our employees, clients, and communities in which we work.

Greyco shall demonstrate a proactive approach to self-improvement and environmental stewardship in all relationships of our industry.

Our HSE expectations will be accomplished through the leadership of management, implementation, and communications of industry recognized best practices and regulatory compliance. Greyco has the responsibility to provide support of all HSE programs, policies, and initiatives to protect our best asset, our employees.

 We Are Committed To:

  • Protection of our employee Health & Safety.
  • Promotion and maintaining a work environment where we all accept personal responsibility for our own safety. 
  • Everyone is empowered to intervene, “Stop Work” to protect themselves or others.
  • Effective management system which drives goal setting and performance objectives, resulting in continued improvement.
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation of our HSE performance based upon regulatory compliance, industry performance indicators, and client feedback.
  • Continual and varied internal audits to validate current HSE systems, policies, and procedures.
  • Educate our employees by providing the industry most up-to-date technical, regulatory, and operational safety training. Our focus is developing a culture behavioral-based work environment with employees invested in the health & safety of everyone.
  • Adherence and compliance with all applicable laws & regulations where we work and live.

The commitment to this policy by the Management Leadership and the Employees of Greyco provides the foundation for the safest work environment possible, management of risk, operational excellence and long-term business success.