This equipment designed and built to operate in Tier 4 (no emissions) areas of Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere.  Best suited for borehole seismic operations on drilling rigs and supply vessels.  Equipment has small footprint and easily lifted and transported.

Air Modules:

6x High Pressure air storage modules, 5000psi
Each air module includes 34 DOT nitrogen bottles, inverted and plumbed together for simple connection to inlet and outlet, filter.  408 gallon capacity.
Lifting eyes and slings. Protective panels for shipping.
Footprint: 8ft x 8 ft x 8ft; Weight: 9600lbs


Tier 4 compliant 62 SCFM electric compressor skid rated to 5000ps
8 skids, each skid includes 2x electric driven compressors with explosion proof motors; filter and desiccators.  Lifting eyes and slings, protective panels for shipping.
Footprint: 8ft x 4ft x 8ft; Weight: 4800lbs

A35-AC compressors by Price Compressor.  (Non Tier 4)
4 units rated to 175CFM, output 2000 – 3500 psi.  Diesel engine, self contained.
Footprint: 8ft x 7ft x 7ft; Weight: 12000lbs

Air Regulators:

High flow regulator assemblies to reduce HP stored air to ~2000psi required for air gun operation.

Air Filtration

Filter arrays to prevent water and debris entering regulators, gun arrays or air modules reducing repairs and downtime.

Air Gun Arrays

ITAGA: 760 cuin tuned gun array; 4x 150cuin + 4x 40cuin guns, umbilicals and slings
Dual ITAGA: 1520 cuin tuned gun array consisting of two 8 gun ITAGA arrays
9 Gun: approx 1395 cuin modular array consisting of 3x 270 cuin, 3x 125 cuin, 3x70cuin
Spare air guns to assemble custom arrays.

Launch and Recovery Platform

LRP is designed to be fitted to the stern of a supply vessel to facilitate easy deployment and retrieval of air gun array in any weather conditions.  Array is not suspended, eliminating exposure to swinging loads when crane deployment is used.  LRP converts a supply vessel into a shooting vessel.
Deck measures

Macha Gun Controllers

TGS-8 and TGN Gun control equipment for local and remote (radio) source control, including in sea depth and pressure measurements. Shipped in waterproof boxes